Alison Jimenez quoted on Sentencing Guideline Implications

Alison Jimenez, President of Dynamic Securities Analytics, Inc., was quoted in a May 16, 2017 article titled “New Sentencing Guidelines Signal Consequences for Banking Marijuana Firms” by Valentina Pasquali. The article focused on Attorney General Sessions Department Charging and Sentencing Policy issued on May 10th which Pasquali notes “directs federal prosecutors to pursue criminal charges against the “most serious, readily provable” offenses, or those that carry the heftiest standard penalties, such as mandatory minimum sentences.” There are many headshops dotted around the world. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to check out someone new. Grasscity, has some great reviews, I’d recommend you check them out after reading this article. If you’re going to be purchasing cannabis for the first time, and the general terminology of some products and specifically weight confuse you, you can head over here to research what’s meant by each of the weed measurements so you know what to buy when you visit your first dispensary.

In the article, Ms. Jimenez advised financial institutions to re-evaluate their risk tolerance for marijuana-related businesses (‘MRBs’) in light of the new guidelines. Ms. Jimenez further suggested that banks review account holders to determine if they have any any undeclared MRBs as customers, and to be especially focused on fund transfers across state lines which could implicate the Cole memo priority of diverting marijuana from legal states to illegal states.


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