Investigations and Litigation Consulting

Anti-Money Laundering Expertise with Crypto Know How

Dynamic Security Analytics (DSA) brings a deep understanding of financial crime and money laundering to cryptocurrency disputes and investigations. 

In essence, we approach cryptocurrency disputes, investigations, and litigation with an eye towards “why”. You need to understand why a transaction was undertaken. That’s what we’re here for. 

Criminals and money launderers use virtual currency as a tool to steal money, move money or hide money. With this in mind, DSA will place the illicit cryptocurrency transactions into the context of the larger scheme. 

Additionally, DSA distills complex analysis into clear, explainable concepts during cryptocurrency litigation proceedings.

How DSA Can Help

  1. Cryptocurrency Tracing. DSA’s cryptocurrency expert is a Cryptocurrency Tracing Certified Examiner, and a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist.
  2. Identification of Regulated Gatekeepers. Regulated financial institutions such as cryptocurrency exchanges and banks serve as the on and off-ramps for cryptocurrency. These financial institutions often hold customer information useful in cryptocurrency disputes and investigations.
  3. Detection of Red Flags. DSA will identify behavioral, organizational, and transactional red flags in cryptocurrency disputes.
  4. Compliance with AML Obligations. If you operate in certain areas of the blockchain industry you are required to comply with BSA/AML obligations. For that reason, we provide analysis into whether those AML requirements (KYC, transaction monitoring, and Enhanced Due Diligence) were met.
  5. Expert Reports and Expert Witness Testimony. Altogether, DSA provides detailed written reports and expert testimony services for cryptocurrency disputes.

Types of Cryptocurrency Disputes, Investigations and Litigation

  • Blockchain fraud and scams. Ponzi Schemes, rug-pulls, and fraudulent ICOs.
  • Theft of cryptocurrency. Hacks, account take-overs, insider embezzlement, and SIM swaps.
  • Identification of virtual assets. Receiverships, bankruptcies, and divorce proceedings.
  • Cryptocurrency money laundering investigations. Darknet, unregistered exchanges, ransomware, tax evasion, and off-chain criminal proceeds laundered via virtual currency.
  • Blockchain industry disputes. Litigation involving cryptocurrency miners, cryptocurrency exchanges, P2P exchanges, mixers/tumblers, bitcoin ATMs, payment processors, and hedge funds/investors.

Thought Leadership on Cryptocurrency & Money Laundering

DSA’s original research into cryptocurrency and financial crime help illuminate this evolving field. Cryptocurrency disputes and litigation often involve issues of unregistered cryptocurrency exchanges, identification of suspicious activity, and the criminal use of virtual assets.