DSA’s Crypto Complaints Analysis Featured in WSJ

The Wall Street Journal article “Consumer Complaints About Crypto on the Rise Amid Crypto Slump, Data Shows” by Mengqi Sun features analysis by Dynamic Securities Analytics, Inc.

CFPB Crypto Complaints

The article highlights DSA’s findings on CFPB crypto complaints including:

  • 2,734 crypto-related consumer complaints against digital asset-centric companies were filed between January 1, 2020 and August 26, 2022
  • Crypto complaint topics ranged from fraud & scams to inability to withdraw funds
  • Complaints against cryptocurrency exchanges do not always involve cryptocurrency.

The article quotes DSA president Alison Jimenez:

Alison Jimenez, founder of Dynamic Securities Analytics, said the analysis shows that “not all complaints about crypto are at crypto firms,” adding that banks and other traditional financial services businesses were also named in these crypto complaints.

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