Video: 2021 SAR Insights: Cryptocurrency Exchange SARs

A quick video highlighting three of DSA‘s findings on Cryptocurrency Exchange SARs filed by exchanges based in San Francisco County, California.

3 Insights into Cryptocurrency Exchange SARs

Read DSA’s full report at: 2021 Cryptocurrency Exchange Suspicious Activity Reports.

The full report covers additional topics including: the top three suspicious activity categories, categories with few SARs, and the usefulness or unusefulness of the current Suspicious Activity Reporting form methodology to law enforcement.

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Cryptocurrency SARs: What do we know?

This analysis uses San Francisco County FinCEN-registered Money Services Businesses as a proxy for cryptocurrency exchanges located in SFC. SAR Counts downloaded from FinCEN SAR Stats. All analysis, charts, and graphs prepared by Dynamic Securities Analytics, Inc.

The following caveats apply: (1) there is no cryptocurrency exchange Industry category on the SAR form, (2) many cryptocurrency exchanges are located outside of SFC and even outside of the US, (3) legacy (ex. convenience store check cashers) are located in SFC, so county-wide stats includes SARs filed those types of MSBs, (4) crypto exchanges are not the only type of VASP, (5) more than one branch office can be associated with a SAR, and (6) there is no cryptocurrency or virtual asset financial instrument category on the SAR form.