45% Spike in SAR- Securities & Futures in 2014

Dynamic Securities Analytics analyzed the latest FinCEN In Focus: SAR Stat report and found that SAR-Securities & Futures filings increased by 45% in 2014 over 2013 filings. 22,448 SAR-SFs were filed in 2014 versus 15,457 in 2013. Try out DSA’s interactive analytics below. SAR-SFs can be filtered by activity type, percentage and count change from 2013.

Types of Suspicious Activity

While filings were up across the board, a few items stood out. The Activity Type “suspicious receipt of government payments/benefits” saw an increase of 716% from 2013 levels. This number is likely tied to the 484% increase in “Government Payment” as the Type of Instrument/Payment Mechanism noted in SAR-SFs. SAR-SFs that named “Penny Stocks/Microcap Securities” as the product involved saw an increase of 88% and while “Stocks” increased by 74%.