DSA’s Analytics cited in Herald Tribune Article

DSA’s analysis of Florida Ponzi schemes in the post-Madoff era was cited in the Sarasota Herald Tribune front page story “Florida’s Wealth a Magnet for Ponzi Schemes” by John Hielscher. Hielscher cited DSA’s ranking of Florida ponzi schemes and sentencing comparisons. DSA president, Alison Jimenez, was quoted on why Florida ranked so high in the number and dollar value of schemes:

Florida is fertile ground for Ponzi schemes for a number of reasons, Jimenez said,
including the simple fact that it is the nation’s fourth-largest state — and one with an
enormous amount of wealth relative to its population.
“In addition, Florida has a large elderly population,” she said. “A lot of Ponzi schemes
are affinity based. Many people are new to Florida, so they might tend to trust
someone of the same religious beliefs or same nationality.”


DSA prepared the analysis in partnership with Jordan Maglich of PonziTracker.com.  Interactive analytics can be found here.