Business Journal Features DSA’s Ponzi Analytics

The Tampa Bay and Jacksonville Business Journals featured DSA’s analytics of Florida Ponzi Schemes. Jane Meinhart quoted DSA president, Alison Jimenez, in the “Ponzi schemers at Home in Florida” article. DSA partnered with Jordan Maglich of Wiand Guerra King to prepare the analysis.

The analysis shows Florida ranks third in the county in the total value of schemes: $5,076,346,000. Jimenez notes Florida would rank first in total dollar value if the Madoff and Allen Stanford Ponzi schemes were excluded.


Also excluding Madoff and Standford, Florida’s average scheme size of $94 million is nearly twice as high as the national average of $50 million, again excluding Madoff and Stanford,


Perhaps sentences handed down in the Sunshine State help make it popular. Jimenez found that Florida, on a basis of months sentenced per millions of dollars stolen, ranks 26th in the country.

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