Alison Jimenez to Speak at ACAMS Spring Anti-Money Laundering Conference

Alison Jimenez will be a panelist on the ACAMS International AML & Financial Crimes Conference panel, “The Algorithm is Your Friend: Creating and Using Them to Strengthen AML” in Hollywood, FL., April 3-5, 2017.


Ms. Jimenez is the author of “Unmasking Bias in Anti-Money Laundering Algorithms” which was published in the Fall 2017 Issue of ACAMS Today. She served as the moderator for an ACAMS webinar on “Finra’s Recent AML Enforcement Actions” in February 2017 and was a panelist on “Identifying Global Aspects of Illicit Financial Networks” at the Department of Defense’s 16th Annual Counter Threat Finance Working Group meeting in October 2016.


Ms. Jimenez has been retained as an expert on AML issues in federal and state courts, arbitrations, and regulatory enforcement actions.