2009 Securities Arbitration Filing Trends

FINRA reports that arbitration filings are up 90% through February 2009 over the prior year.  There were 1,065 arbitrations filed in just January and February 2009. If these numbers hold steady over the rest of the year, 2009 will witness a level of arbitration filings not seen since 2005.  However, I don’t expect the filings to “hold steady” through 2009. I expect them to increase.  As we saw with the Tech Wreck that began in 2001, the highpoint in filings wasn’t reached until 2003.  In fact, 2003 had 30% more filings that 2001.


Also, here is a nice wrap-up of 2008 arbitration filings prepared by the Sutherland law firm. It complements my prior post about 2008 trends.