When Dollars Are In Question, DSA Finds Answers

Dynamic Securities Analytics, Inc. (DSA) provides litigation consulting services specializing in quantitative securities transaction analysis. DSA’s clients have the advantage of our extensive experience in such critical areas as:

  • Profit & Loss Analysis (P&L)
  • Damage Calculation and Mitigation
  • Churning Analysis
  • Market Comparisons and Hypothetical Scenarios
  • Variable Annuity P&Ls
  • Mutual Fund (A vs. B) Share Analysis
  • Fund Tracing (Money Laundering, Theft, Ponzi Schemes)
  • Market Manipulation (Spoofing, Layering, Penny Stocks)
  • Employment Issues (U5, Defamation, Loan Default, Wrongful Termination, Expungement)
  • Expert Witness Testimony


By the Numbers, DSA Stands With You



Accurate and informed data entry is more than simply “plugging in” numbers, and the professionals at DSA understand that this distinction is critical. We recognize that all brokerage statements are not the same, and differences in reporting can significantly affect a P&L’s outcome. DSA utilizes a double-entry reconciliation method to create a clear and concise P&L that includes cash analysis, trading analysis and account statistics.


DSA works directly with legal teams to illustrate what the numbers are and, more importantly, what they mean in a greater context. DSA offers many value-added services to analyze an account and to synthesize data into a useful foundation for your case, including, but not limited to:

  • Statutory damage calculations (including Florida 517 damages)
  • Asset allocation
  • Account time lines
  • Myriad charts and graphs


Acknowledging our prior regulatory and securities experience, arbitration panels readily accept DSA findings as highly credible. You can be secure in the analysis DSA provides, while confidently anticipating that our thorough critique of the opposing side’s conclusions will uncover any key weaknesses in their presentation.